The 'La Martina' restaurant

On a green lawn, the perfect contrast to the yellow-ochre of the walls, the restaurant invites you to savour a unique experience in quality dining in a convivial, simply decorated yet elegant ambience.

The estate’s limonaia, a pleasant, cool ‘lemon house’ with a fabulous view, is home to the family-operated restaurant with its signature menu listing traditional dishes from Tuscan and Italian cuisine and fish and seafood dishes. The wine list centres on the ‘Tuscans’ but also pays special attention to other Italian vinicultural excellences and especially to white wines.

The dining rooms, with their original antique Florentine brick floors, feature understated furnishings which, with great attention to detail, form a harmonious whole with the extraordinary simplicity of the typical construction materials, of local origin, employed in Tuscan rural architecture.

An ideal location for corporate events and special occasions.

The pleasures of genuine flavours and delicate emotions

The restaurant, facing the hotel, holds high the traditions of Tuscan cooking, inviting guests to (re)discover the pleasures of genuine flavours and delicate emotions. Classic specialties unite with more contemporary, more elaborate culinary proposals. But every recipe is exalted by the quality and freshness of genuine ingredients; every course by the elegance of the presentation and punctilious service.

Hemp-seed linguine with saffron, mussels, asparagus and mozzarella

The feather in the cap of our gastronomic offer, our first courses stand out for their exceptional variety and infinite taste combinations.